NB SPOR PIHCI Network : About us

We are a New Brunswick research network working to facilitate the creation of knowledge under CIHR's Strategy for Patient Oriented Research (SPOR) in Primary and Integrated Health Care Innovations (PIHCI) program. 


In April 2015, a provincial team successfully secured funds to create the New Brunswick SPOR Network in Primary and Integrated Health Care Innovations (PIHCI). The funds for the NB SPOR PIHCI Network are equally shared by the Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR) and the New Brunswick Health Research Foundation (NBHRF). The NB SPOR PIHCI Network is a platform to engage and connect citizens, clinicians, policy makers, social and medical organizations, and researchers. It is intended to be the primary health care research hub to facilitate the advancement of evidence-based primary health care in New Brunswick and across Canada. The NB SPOR PIHCI Network, like all the other provincial PIHCI SPOR Networks across Canada, focuses on “patients with complex needs across the life span”, capacity building of expertise in the province, and knowledge translation strategies.

Why an NB SPOR PIHCI Network?

Overall, patients typically experience the health care system through contact with primary health care providers, such as family physicians, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, and dieticians, among others. Patients’ health and well-being is complex in that there is not only a physical dimension, but also mental, social, spiritual, among other dimensions that cross sectors. The primary health care system in New Brunswick encounters some unique challenges due to population characteristics, such as having the fastest growing elderly population in the country, having a large rural population, and having a high percentage of the population suffering from chronic disease, such as hypertension and Type 2 diabetes. Many participants, including primary health care providers, policy makers, advocacy groups, researchers, and patients, are working in their own way to improve patient outcomes and to create a sustainable health care system. The NB SPOR PIHCI Network aims to bring all the players together to break down the administrative and conceptual silos, to facilitate research in order to enhance patient outcomes, and examine sustainability issues.

Early Outcomes

A research team from the NB SPOR PIHCI Network and PEI SPOR Network was successful in obtaining a CIHR grant for a project entitled “Children with complex health conditions: Let’s learn who they are, and their needs, to better serve them”. In November, 2015 another grant was submitted for funding to CIHR, entitled: “The creation of a comprehensive health profile of children in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island and the development of intra-provincial population-based Birth Cohorts” and was successful in the competition. Additionally, the NB SPOR PIHCI Network has supported a successful CIHR grant for an Embedded Clinician Researcher in a primary health care clinic in the province. The NB SPOR PIHCI Network is working with several stakeholders on developing research interest in the province and beyond. The NB SPOR PIHCI regularly offers a summer studentship for an undergraduate student, through NBHRF.