Dr. Sarah Gander

General Pediatrician in Saint John, NB

Dr. Sarah Gander is a General Pediatrician in Saint John, NB. She completed her undergraduate degree at UNBSJ and medical school at Memorial University on Newfoundland. Her paediatrics residency was completed at Queen's University in Kingston Ontario. She started her practice in her home town of Saint John in 2008 and has become the Director of the Paediatric Oncology satellite centre and is incoming Chair of the Department of Paediatrics.

Her research and advocacy efforts are mainly in the social determinants of health and the effects of poverty on the health of children and youth. She sits on numerous community and National boards. As faculty at both Dalhousie and Memorial University, she teaches didactic lectures, facilitates tutorial groups, leads the service based learning program and is a research mentor for many students. This is in addition to her role as Paediatric clerkship director which lead her to complete her Masters of Education in 2016. She has a love of the outdoors and music and her favorite time is spent with her husband and two small boys.

Dr. Gander is always looking to bridge clinicians, other professionals, community organizations and families in research as it highlights the reality of the complex social needs of our patients and families.