MSSU Patient Team Member Support Bursary Fall 2017


The objective of this bursary is to help teams mitigate financial barriers that would prevent patient team members from participating in grant planning activities.

Some examples of what these funds could be used for are:

• Reimbursement for travel costs such as gas or overnight accommodations

• Honoraria to mitigate financial barriers to joining team meetings

• Child care costs

A total of $3,000.00 is available for this bursary. The most that will be awarded per successful application is $1,000.00. A bursary can be requested to reimburse costs already incurred at the time of applying or for a planned activity. Funds for planned activities will be paid out after the event, with the provision of original receipts or an invoice.



These funds are available to teams who are applying for PIHCI Programmatic Grants, SPOR Collaboration Grants, or the NSHA Translating Research into Care (TRIC) grants. These teams must include one or more patients within the Maritimes. Research teams can make one bursary request per grant competition. This bursary may only be used to reimburse expenses to support patient team members who live in the Maritime provinces (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island). Teams led from outside the Maritime provinces can apply for funds to support patient team members who live in the Maritimes.



Applications should be sent to Brian.condran@nshealth.ca by Monday October 16th, 2017 at 4:00pm.
The information provided in applications will be used by the MSSU to assess applications and contact those selected for a bursary.


Review Process and Notification

MSSU Staff and Patient Advisors will review applications between October 17th and 20th 2017. Teams selected for a bursary will be notified as soon as possible, no later than October 20th 2017. At this time, the MSSU will provide necessary forms and discuss the reimbursement process with successful applicants.


Provision of Funds

Bursary funds will be provided as reimbursement. MSSU will therefore require receipts and/or an invoice detailing costs incurred. It will take 6 to 8 weeks for reimbursements to be provided. If funds are provided directly to a patient who is not NSHA staff, a Social Insurance Number (SIN) will be required. Do not include SIN numbers in your application. This will be discussed with successful applicants.