Our Priorities

Medium and Long Term Priorities
(Target Population: Individuals with complex needs)


  • Evaluate processes to ensure that all New Brunswickers (rural/urban) have timely access to the appropriate primary care provider, including during transitions in care

  • Explore ways to decrease the inappropriate utilization of emergency departments and walk-in clinics through same day/next day appointments and after-hour arrangements

  • Evaluate e-health/tele-health/tele-home care solutions to help improve access to care

Interprofessional healthcare

  • Examine or create new interprofessional primary health care delivery models to improve care coordination

  • Examine specific interprofessional models of care for targeted populations (e.g.,mental health, tobacco utilization, addictions, obesity)

Integrated Health (prevention / vertical health care-social services / public health)

  • Explore specific needs of vulnerable and/or aging populations

  • Integrate health promotion/disease prevention in care delivery models to reduce the number of patients with complex needs

  • Examine the relationship between social, economic and health issues in the NB context

  • Evaluate processes to ensure that all primary care team members will have access to EMRs


  • Develop and evaluate specific chronic disease prevention and management strategies, including medication management

  • Examine health literacy needs of primary care patients with complex needs