The Patient’s Den: Patients Setting Research Priorities in Primary and Integrated Health Care Innovations

Please complete this form if you wish to submit a research proposal via the NB SPOR PIHCI Network for our October 3, 2019 event The Patient’s Den: Patients Setting Research Priorities in Primary and Integrated Health Care Innovations.

All stakeholders of the NB Network may apply. All are welcome to join the network.

Deadline for submitting this form: August 23, 2019 at 4:00 p.m. ADT. 
Completed applications are submitted to

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The 2019 event will have a separate category for student-led research applications.
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Incorporating and involving patients is critical to the success and effectiveness of patient oriented research. Describe how patients/families/caregivers will be engaged in the project, including involvement to date.

Interest in accessing IRDT datasets, click here.

Confidentiality Disclaimer

In the course of vetting a project and subsequently providing services to researchers and team members, the NB SPOR PIHCI network committee members will become privy to information about proposed and ongoing research projects. The NB SPOR PIHCI network recognizes the confidential nature of this information and is committed to maintaining such confidentiality. Any information disclosed to the committee will be used only for the purposes for which it was obtained. Committee members are obligated to hold this information in confidence. It is the onus of the researchers to inform all relevant members of their team that the project is being shared with the NB SPOR PIHCI Network. Although not required, we ask that successful and unsuccessful applicants disclose the outcomes of your grant applications process to the NB SPOR PIHCI Network, so that we may better tailor our resources. (