Project Descriptions

The NB PIHCI Network has been successful in securing funding for important demonstration projects under the CIHR Quickstrike initiative (referred to as QSI and II).

These projects were designed to support rapid-turn around, time sensitive, cross-jurisdictional research. 

QSI was led by a team of two NB principal investigators, Drs. Shelley Doucet and Rima Azar, and Dr. William Montelpare in PEI. This project defined children with complex health conditions and explored the needs of these children and their families. The team also identified the services/programs available via literature scans and interviews with children, families, and stakeholders. The team created a tool to identify and classify complex health conditions in child patients.

QSII, led by Drs. Carole Trachant and Mathieu Belanger in NB and in partnership with Dr. William Montelpare in PEI, will identify and evaluate selected administrative datasets from the two provinces in order to: 1) create intra-provincial health profiles of 18-month-old children and 2) establish the foundation for a birth cohort database in NB and PEI. The outcomes will yield helpful insights into children’s health status that can be used toward chronic disease prevention.

The two QS projects have enabled NB to build a foundation of identifying and providing long-term follow-up for children with complex needs. Embedded in these projects is the goal of identifying gaps in the current system across jurisdictions and how best to serve these children. Both projects also identify challenges in the social and health systems. Additionally, both projects incorporate patients and caregivers at all levels of decision making.

Additional demonstration projects will address a second important stream of research: complex needs across the lifespan. Dr. Shelley Doucet and Dr. Rima Azar, have joined a Quebec-led Comparative Policy Analysis grant that will describe new and emerging integrated service delivery models that connect health and social services in Canada. This initiative will enlist the help of post-doctoral students who are also NB PIHCI stakeholders.